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TOP 5 best Tagalog Porn Video Websites

Here is a selection of of TOP 5 of the best Tagalog Porn Websites. Those websites are just insane. Filippinas on these sites are just beyong your dreams, and what you will watch them do is crazy. The hottest, the nautiest, they are there. So don’t waste a single minute, visit those sites, and get ready to get hard, really hard…

Tagalog Porn Website #1: FilipinaSexyTube.com

FilipinaSexyTubeFilipina, Sexy Tube. Is there anything else to add to that? Seems pretty clear. If you want Sexy Filipina Tubes, you better rush on that website. There are not a lot of 100% dedicated filipina porn websites, and this one is one of them.

A hundred or so videos of slutty, sexy Filipina girls. Whatever your tastes are (anal, lesbian, blowjobs, threesome), you’ll find it on that site. And most of all, all girls look really AMATEUR! No pro porn in here, only real amateur girls shot on videos by their lover, client (?), boy friend or whoever had the chance to be behind the camera when getting his dick rubbed by those hot creatures.

So, go watch Ciara, Shakira (really??), Ella, Mylene and other sexy filipina get screwed. And.. Enjoy!

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Tagalog Porn Website #2: TubeGalore.com

TubegaloreTubegalore is kind of a reference in the small BIG industry of porn websites. Not dedicated to Tagalog Porn, TubeGalore is probably just one of the most complete porn website in terms of categories. From classic anal, asian, deep throat to crazy one like vampire, wax or midget, you probably hare there around 200 or 300 categories! All nationalities, all preferences are represented.

And one of them is: Filipina/Filipino. And we’re not talking about a few videos, but well of a hundreds of tagalog porn videos in here! Amateur or pro, solo, duo or trio, fucked by local or foreign guys, if you’re looking for a WIDE choice of hot girls and even hotter videos, you better have a look at amazing Filipina’s catagory on TubeGalore.com. Have fun!

If you’re looking for LadyBoy videos, check their LadyBoy category. Not only pinoy in there, but some very hot specimens of shemale and lady boy getting fucked hard!

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Tagalog Porn Website #3: JennasTube.com

JennastubePretty similar as TubeGalore, JennasTube.com is offering a wide range of categories and videos. However, their tagalog porn section is 100% amateur. No pro, and definitely sometimes lower quality of video, but all coming from naughty amateur guys and girls. Local girls, maids, OFW from Dubai, province girls: all of them are just getting naughty for your pleasure!

So if you don’t care about having HD videos and super model “actress”, and prefer 100% local amateur girls, with their shy face when getting fucked in front of the camera, eventually a few hair (we told you it was 100% local, what do you expect?), but definitely some exciting fucking scenes, this is for you.

JennasTube offers a bit more that 400 amateur videos.

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Tagalog Porn Website #4: TrikePatrol.com

Trike PatrolYou sure know the US style version called BangBus.com:”where hundreds of the hottest amateur girls picked right off the street, banged on the road and then tossed back out to the curb!” Well, this is the Filipino version: no bus or van, but a tricycle and some hot amateur girls met in the street. The pick up line? “You need a ride? Godo, we need you!

And this works, the TrikePatrol team gets to pick hundreds of girls in the streets of Manila, Cebu, Cagayan… Whatever the city is, the final result is the same: some of the hottest filipina babes getting picked up and brought home to get fucked, really hard.

So if you like filipina girls, preferably the hot, naughty, kinky (even though they sometimes start a bit shy, time to discover the dick they are supposed to play with), then we totally encourage you to go and check their websites. Pure happiness!

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Tagalog Porn Website #5: FilipinaPussySex.com

CocklobsterAgain, what else should we add after giving you the name of the website? FilipinaPussySex is 100% focused on Tagalog Porn. Although it also offers several categories with Cambodia, Thai or Vietnamese hot girls, most of the ocntent in here is about sexy Filipinas!

FilipinaPussySex offers a wide choice of: random amateur girls being fucked, white guys screwing local hot girls, gay videos (lady boys include), first time filipina sex, mature pinay women… Whatever your tastes are, you should find on that site what you’re looking for. Sensitive people (yes, some people still are), avoid the “Brutal” category, some videos get quite nasty in there.

Go now, let us know what your favourite website is, and if you have any suggestion of some better one, we’ll be happy hearing it and updating this ranking, if we think you’re right!

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TOP 3 Dating Websites in the Philippines

You’re getting tired of watching porn online, even though it’s the best tagalog porn you’d ever found? Well, get to the next level: meet some local hot girls a,d shoot your OWN tagalog porn videos! Kidding, no video obligation (although if you wanna share some, email them to us we’ll be happy sharing it with the community!), but seriously, if you wanna get laid, and get to try all the naughty things you have in mind, check out those websites. No bullshit, only local girls registered to get fucked. Hurry!

Filipino Dating Website #1: Fling.com

flingIf you’re looking for an efficient way of getting laid tonight with a hot filipina, Fling.com is just what you need right NOW! 100% Free registration, webcam chats to check on the girls, free messages. Tested and approved! No fake f**** profiles, all girls in there are real. And the purpose of the site being to get laid, all girls in there are just… ready to get laid! Register now for free, pick your girl, and have fun! Oh, forgot to mention, whoever you’re looking for, you may find him/her in there. Female, Male, Shemale, Couples, everything is made easy for you to end up tonight, with the kind of sex you’re looking for. Enjoy! Register now for FREE on Fling.com

Filipino Dating Website #2: MeetLocals.com

meetlocalsVery similar to Fling.com, MeetLocals.com is exactly what its name stands for: local girls (from everywhere in the world, they have versions for almost every country) who registered to meet local or foreign guys, for a date, or way more! The promise of the website is “guaranteed to get laid”. And for having tested it, i can say that not ALL girls are willing to get laid, some shy one are still there fto find love (they did not read the website promise orwhat??), but most of them are definitely not here for praying!  So go ahead, register now for free, and get some naughty time with some local girls! Register now for FREE on MeetLocals.com

Filipino Dating Website #3: FilipinoCupid.com

filipino cupid Probably the most famous dating websites in the Philippines. The company behind it, Cupid Media, operates similar website all around the world, with localized dating versions. Filipino Cupid is mostly famous for it’s high percentage of filipina girls registered looking for a foreign husband. Sex flings are a bit less common than on the 2 first websites introduced, but still, if you’re looking for some pretty girls to meet in the Philippines, this is a good option, just because it’s the biggest! Register now on FilipinoCupid.com  

Fling.com – Get Laid Guaranteed! Women Seeking Men – 960,000+ profiles Women Seeking Couples – 210,000+ profiles Women Seeking Women – 390,000+ profiles See THOUSANDS of Fling.com profiles from!


TOP 3 Tagalog Porn Pictures Websites

Tagalog Porn Picture Website #1: ImageFest.com

tagalog porn picturesImageFest is a HUGE pictures portal. One of its category is dedicated to Filipina & Filipino. And we can’t deny that the quality and choice are just… yummy! Professional pictures or completely amateurs, everybody can basically upload its pictures on the website and share it with the community.

Girls being fucked, webcam pics, threesome pictures, professional model shootings, hot filipina exposed by boy friends or husbands, lesbian couples having fun with their camera..

Check it our now on ImageFest.com

Tagalog Porn Picture Website #2: AsianMuffin.com

tagalog porn asian muffin100% asian, the Tagalog porn section of this wite is very amateur. No offense there, it’s full of amateur pictures, and we love that!

Hot dark haired filipino beauties  for your consideration. Lovely and horny filipino girls flashing their hot bodies for the cameras. Clear and perfect filipino porn photos of these horny gals doing all kinds of naughty things! Big cock going into tight pussies, Blow jobs you have to see to believe! If you like the upskirt shots then you need to look here first!

Have a lok now at AsianMuffin.com

Tagalog Porn Picture Website #3: Malibog.co

tagalog porn picture malibogThe so called “Pinoy Sex EyeBall Community!

Malibog.co is a complete free of access online community of Filipino sharing their non censured pictures. Selfie shots of young ans sexy filipina showing their pussy on cam, kissing their friends (or blowing them off!), horny pinoy guys showing about their big cocks, stolen shots of petite girls getting fucked by local or foreign guys, exhibitionnist couples liking to be exposed to public wankers… Everything is allowed in here! Your choice, as a contributor of the community to decide if you wanna make your pictures private or not.

Go have a look, if you like very amateur pictures fro very amateur girls, this is your site: Malibog.co


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